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Liverpool West Public School has a uniform that proudly defines our school and students in our local community. These guidelines are in line with the Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

The benefits of wearing a school uniform include:

  • creating an identity for the school within its community
  • developing students’ sense of belonging to the school community
  • providing an opportunity to build school spirit
  • enhancing the health and safety of students when involved in school activities
  • promoting a sense of inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equal opportunity
  • reinforcing the perception of the school as an ordered and safe environment
  • increasing the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors and potential intruders in the school
  • promoting positive community perceptions of public education
  • making school clothing more affordable for families by eliminating the risk of peer pressure to wear transiently fashionable and expensive clothes.


§  Dress – aqua/white check 

§  Black shorts 

§  Black skort 

§  Short-sleeved polo shirt



§  White or grey socks

§  Black patent leather shoes

§  Black sneakers

§  School cap

§  Black cap

§  Hair ties – black or teal 

NOTE: There should be no logos or any other designs on any of the above items. 


§  Black trackpants

§  Long-sleeved polo shirt

§  Black jacket

§  Black jumper

§  Scarves/gloves optional but must be black