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Children of compulsory school age are required by legislation to attend school every day unless there is a reasonable excuse for non-attendance (Education Act 1990). This means, at Liverpool West Public School, all our students must attend school during our normal school hours (9:10am – 3:10pm) every day. 

Regular attendance at Liverpool West Public School is essential if students are to maximise their potential. Liverpool West Public School, in partnership with parents, is responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students. While parents are legally responsible for the regular attendance of their children, school and staff, as a part of their duty of care, monitor part and whole day absences. 


Students are encouraged to arrived at school on time everyday, however, students who arrive to school after the 9:10am bell must report to the office and obtain a late slip. 


No student is permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours unless collected by a parent or other authorised person from the office. Parents/carers come to the office first to collect an early leaver slip. Teachers do not allow students to leave the classroom unless the parent/carer has an early leaver slip.

The Department of Education's School Attendance Policy is available for viewing.